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9 SEO Tips: Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques [2019]

9 SEO Tips: Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques [2019]

Want To Learn Some SEO Tactics That Works In 2019? Today You Are Going To Learn About Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques.& You Know That There Really Are Several Seo Techniques Which You Need To Implement To Get High Ranking

As Google Has More Than 200 Ranking Factors

Today You Are Going To Learn About Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques  & After Using Those Seo Tactics Of Search Optimization You Will Start Ranking High In A Google Search.

These Are The Main Lists Of 9 SEO Tips (Practical And Actionable Tips For The SEO.)
So The Lists Of Theose Seo Tips That I Will Be Discissing About Are :

  1. Page Speed/ Website Loading Speed
  2. User Experience Signal
  3. Use Google Search Console To Rank Higher
  4. Use Google Webmaster/Serach Console To Solve Technical Problem
  5. Use LSI Keyword And The Synonyms
  6. Make Use Of The Google Trends For Finding Targetable Keyword
  7. Set Your Goal In Google Analytics
  8. Improve Your Keyword Position Which Are Already Ranked For
  9. Intrnal And External Linking

Let’s Get Started With Each:

search engine optimization techniques

Tipis 1: Page Speed/ Website Loading Speed:

This Is The First Seo Tactics That I Tell Everyone To Implement Right After

Do You Love To Read Anything From The Site That Takes 10/15 Seconds To Lead For Any Piece Of Content.

If I Was Then I Would Rather Cancel The Particular Tab And Browse The Next Result From The SERP (Snippets).

Not Only Me Everyone Heats So The First Step Is Please Do Make Your Site Load Faster.

How To Make My Website Load Faster?

Ans>> .You Need To Make Use Of CDN

Content Delivery Network: CDN Is Something That Puts Your Content World Wide Otherwise If Your Server Is In U.S. And Your Visitor Is Visiting From NEPAL It Takes Time To Load And Deliver But It Loads Faster For U.S Visitor.

So,When You Use CDN This Problem Will Be Solved

Ans>>Use Site Speed Analyzing Tool

The Lists Of Speed Optimization Plugins Are :
A. W3 Toatal Cache
B. Wp-Optimize
C. Regenerate Thumbnails
D. Gzip Compression
E. Wp Smush
This Should Be Enough To Make Your Site Faster.

Go To  Google And Type “Page Speed Insight” And Just Check The Site Speed It Shows How To Fix The Issue If You Have Any.

And Also Check The Same Form:


This Gives More Exact Analysis But Check With Both.

Then Try To Solve The Problem Without The Help Of Plugin.
If You Are Not Good At Tech Or If You Don’t Understand Coding(Thtat’s Ok) Make Use Of Wordpress Plugins.

This Plugins All The Time Doesn’t Work For Everyone So It Worked For Me It May Not Work For You Also .

So The Solution Is:

Implement It And Then Just Again Check The Site Speed From The Above Method And If It Decrased The Speed Rather. Then Delete That Plugin And Check Other One

Installing And Activating Plugin Is Not Enough, You Need To Configure It.

I Know You Might Not Know To Configure Or May Take So Long Time To Configure Of Your Own So Watch This Video And Then Configure It


Tips 2:

Use Google Search Console To Rank Higher

From The Google Search Console Select The Country You Want To Rank In Or Target In.( This Is Must Ok ?)

Search Console   International Targeting   https   www rajukhadka com
Changing Targeted Country In GSC

Tips 3:

Use google webmaster/serach console to solve technical problem

Go To The Search Console And Try To See The Error Status :
It Looks Like This: (Fig)

Use google webmaster or serach console to solve technical problem

If You Have The Green Tick Mark In All:


Then That’s Fine Otherwise Fix The Error ASAP (Plz Plz Plz Do It)

Its Okey To Have 3/4 Server Error And 404 Error If Its Lot Please Fix It Very Soon

Google It Or You Can Also Ask Me For Help In My Facebook :
Http:// Www.Facebook.Com/RajuKDKK

Tips 4 :

Set your goal in Google Analytics

Most Of The People Use Google Analytics Just To See How Many Visitors They Have In Their Blog

But :

That’s Useless Untill And Unless You Set Up Your Goal In The Search Analytics
Do It Right Now While Reading This , (Othwrwise I Will )

Oncoming Fist on Apple iOS 12.1

I Just Want You To Implement Thinga Right Now

Tips 5:

Improve your seo and rank higher with the help of User Experience

What Is User Experience ?

As, Name Suggests, Its How User Feel When He/She Is Reading Article.

If They Felt Good Then You Will Be Ranked Higher If They Felt Bad Your Ranking Drops Highly.

How Google Finds How They Felt?
With The Help Of :
CTR(Click Through Rate) &
Bounce Rate

Oh, Sorry I Missed One Thing , Also You Need To Have The Sitemap Setup :

Now :

Lets Talk About How To Give The Good User Experience Via Ctr And Bounce Rate

You Can Easily Setup Sitemap On Your Site With The Help Of Yoast SEO .
I Hope You Have Already Done Site Map Setup. If Not Read This Article To Set It Up ( Right Now ! Do It ! This Is Must!)

CTR: CTR, Known As Click Through Rate.It Is A Measure Of How Much Clicks Your Article Is Getting

Higher CTR= High Ranking

Why Ctr Helps In Ranking?

People Only Click When They Are Loving Your Website If More People Are Loving Your Article For Certain Query They Tend To Click More And It Means It’s A Signal To Google That Your Article Is Worth Pushing Up In SERP And Your Ranking Climbs Up

But The Problem Is How To Improve Your CTR

(Hooohoo ….) Don’t Worry Here Is My Ninji Trick To Improve Ctr And Rank Higner In The SERP

Now What You Can Do Is Look At To This Analysis Done By Buzzsumo To See What Kind Of Articles Are More Shared = More Clicked

Image Source : Buzzsumo

Use Thosetypes Of Phrases In Your Title Tag

Tips 2 To Increase CTR

Where Is Your Target Country?

If You Are In Some Other Country And Your Target Country Is The Different One You Just Need To Browse Google Of The Target Country.

Go To Google Type Google Version Of U.S ( Replace U.S With Target Country Here)

Then You Will See The Google Version Of Your Desired ( Blog Targeted Country.)

Then Type Your Target Keyword .

And See The Ads In The Result SERP/Snippets

Then Pick The Keyword Or The Phrase That Matches To Include In Your Title And Include It In Your Title.

As People Pay So Huge Amount In The Ads And For Google Ads They Have To Pay Only If Someone Clicks On The Ads It Means If They Can Click On Ad Why Not On Your Content .

Off Course, Your CTR Grows Up And Your Ranking Will Be Booom !!!

** Tips 3 To Increase The CTR

Let’s Say You Are In A Lower Position In SERP , Do You Believe That The Article Of The Position 1 Gets The More Click.
If You Believe This,

Ry To Cheat The Headline Technique Of Them And Try To Cheat The Meta Description From Them And Copy Paste In Your Meta Description ( Only If It Matches With Your Article!!! Lol Probably I Think I Don’t Have To Tell You This )

You Are Sexy Intelligent I Know That. So, I Don’t Take Tension For That Ok ?
Ok Now Lets Move To The Bounce Rate Increasing Technique

Good Marketers Copy But Great Marketer Cheats

How to decrease the bounce rate?

Less Bounce Rate = High Rank

Bounce Rate Is The Rate How Fast Or Slow People Leave From Your Website Once They Come In.

How to decrease bounce rate ?

You Can Decrease The Bounce Rate By Interlinking Your Content .
Lets Say You Are Talking About Weight Loss In Your One Article Then In Other Article You Are Talking About Fat Belly Size Decrease.

Then The People Who Are Reading Weight Loss May Also Read Decrease Belly Size And Vice-Versa

So Linking To Each Other This Way Also Increases The Page Authority And Also Rather Than People Leaving From Your Site After Reading Weight Loss They May Read About Belly Decrease Too

So People Stay Longer Time In Your Site That Means Bounce Rate (Low)

Hurrey You Did It !!!!

Normally Bounce Rate Below 60% Is Considered Good Bounce Rate

Normal Tips To Decrease Bounce Rate

So Here Is What I Mean,

If You Write A Lengthy Content And If You Could Make The Content A Bit Of Interesting From The Beginning Itself,
Then Peeps Want To Read The Whole Content….

In Such Case If You Have A Lengthy Content They Have To Stay Longer Time To Read Till The End ..

This Way, Your Visitors Do Not Exit From Your Site Early And Will Decrease Your Bounce Rate…. (Hmmmm Is Good Tips ??

Tips 6:

Improve your keyword position which are already ranked for …

This Is Again Another Pro Tip That Can Be Included In My Actionable SEO Tips For 2019.

So Here You Go:

Sign In To The Google Webmaster /Google Search Console Then Click On The Search Analytics

So Now What You Can Do Is See The Keywords That You Are Already Ranking For And With Certain On-Page Or Off-Page Hacks You Can Come To The Higher Positions Easily…..

Tips 7:

Use LSI Keyword And The Synonyms

A Way Back Brian Dearn The Founder Of Http://Www.Backlinko.Com Has Done A Research For A Millions Of The Website And He Concluded That:

The Article That Contains The Lsi Keywords Rank Better Than The Content That Do Not Have Any LSI Keyword.

What Is LSI Keyword ?

LSI Keyword Are The Keyword Which Are Given By Google. Whenever You Type Anything On The Google Then You Will Get Certain Results.

( Suggestion: If You Have Not Included These Types Of Keywords In Your Article Please Do Include Now Itself… Right Now .
Be An Actionable That’s How You Succeed Not Only In Seo But Also In Your Life.)

How Using Synonyms Increases ranking

Here My Exact Focused Keyword Is Actionable Seo Tips In Place Of That People Might Also Search For Working Seo Tips /Practical Seo Tips /Real World Seo Tips /Quick Implementable Seo Tips.

Then At The Very Buttom Chow Ertain Words Or Phrases Will Be Given By Google Theser Are Mostly The Long Tail Keyword …
And These Types Of Kywords Rank Higher .

If I Write These Kinds Of Synonims In My Article Then I Guess You Understood What Happens Then … Makes Sense Right ?

Tips 8:

Make use of the google trends

Now Lets Talk How To Make Use Of The Google Trends To Make Your Seo Go Good ..

Imagine You Wanna Write A Content About The Guide To Make Use Of Google Search Console Effectively . And Most Of The People Still Call It Google Webmaster Tool Also .

So What Do You Target Google Search Console Or Google Webmaster??

Here Is What You Have To Do ….
Goto Google Trends Then Type Your Both Keyword Google Search Console & Google Webmaster

And See The Graph.. Which One Is Gorwing Up Use That And Which One Is Growing Down Leave That…

Tips 9:

Internal and external linking

If You Link From Your Site To The Other Good High Quality Resurce Site That Might Help Your Readers

Then Your That Particular Article Will Be Counted As A Comprehend Resource That’s A Good Signal
Try To Link To 2-5 Other’s Resource.

Internal Linking ….
Internal Linking Also Helps To Rank Your Article In Many Ways I Have Talked About It Earlier In The Same Article

Don’t Link To Any Random Article From Any Where Rather Link To The Article That You Want To Rank Higher And Relevant …
If You Are Missing It.. Do This Right Now In Your Article..

Tips 10: (Bonus Google Search Optimization Guideline)

Getting Profile Backlink

So This Is Another Step You Can Do Right Now And You Must Do Also.
Connect Your
Google+& Facebook Profile.
From Goggle Plus Click On The About Button >
Go A Little Down
Then You Will See Contributor To…
Then Mention Your Blog Or Website Name
This Helps You

One Way To Rank Higher Is Having A Rich Snippet
Read More About Rich Snippets Here


So These Are The Most Actionable Tips You Can Use It Right Now.. There Are Lot’s Of Other Strategy To Rank Higher And Get More Traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Tips Here And There Is Not Enough So You Need To Keep On Implementing Everything You See Around .

What You Wanna Implement First Tell Me In The Comment :

Improve Your User Experience( CTR & Bounce Rate)
You Wanna Improve Site Loading Speed First?

One Last Request : If You Found This Article Helpful Do Share; Its The Way To Appreciate My Hard Work

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