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What Is RSS In SEO? How To Use To Save Time As A Blogger

What Is RSS In SEO? How To Use To Save Time As A Blogger

RSS Is A Sort Form Of Really Simple Syndication; Which Helps The Reader To Track Their Favorite Websites Content Or Updates Without Checking It Manually Which Really Takes Lot Of Time. But, RSS Makes It Fast And Easy.

Yes I Know ,It Feels So Complicated For A New People To Start Working On The RSS Things ; So In This Article I Am Gonna Make It Really Simple And Easy To Use

If You Are Not Clear With Above Example Let Me Explain You How RSS Works:

For Example, Consider That You Have Liked My Content Of This Blog.

So You Have Planed To Get Regular Update About The Things That I Write In On This Blog.

In This Case What You Would Do Is ; You Will Subscribe To This Blog Right ?
Its Almost Same In The Case Of RSS Also ;

So, When You Do Subscribe With Email How You Will Get Notification That I Have Posted Something New In My Blog Which You May Love To Read It?

It’s Only If I Personally Send An Email To You To Notify That I Have Published The New Article

Another Draback Is :
Along With For Getting The Update From My Website You May Use The Same Email / Gmail Id To Get Update From Other Or For Some Of Your Personal Work Or Anything Related

And When You Are Subscribed With Email Chances Are Ther Those Person Who You Have Subscribed To May Send Other Thing Sometimes Which May Not Be Just Related To The New Updates ;

So Every Thing Will Be One Place Which Becomes So Clumsy

If You Want To Track Only The Website Content All Of Your Fav Website In One Place You Have To Use RSS

And The Place Where You Get All These Things Are Called RSS Feed

Why RSS Is Important ?

With The RSS You Can Track Any Website Without Wasting Much Of Your Time.

If You Have To Check Manually That What Is New In My Website Then You Have To Come To My Website Then Find Out The Content And Then Decide If Anything Has Come Up Or Not & Where Is That New Thing & Is It Actually New Or Not … So Much Of Time Consuming Right ?

But With RSS You Can Easily Find It Out

Time Is Biggest Money You Gotta Save It

How To Start Using RSS?

To Start Using RSS, You Need To Have The Blog Name Or Url To Follow
Then Another You Need To Have Is RSS Reader ( Tool )

What is the best RSS reader?

The Following Are The List Of Best FREE RSS Tools :

  • Feedly
  • Digg Reader
  • FlowReader
  • Feedreader
  • FeedPost
  • Feeder
  • Ino Reader
  • RSS Feed Reader Google Chrome Extension (Https://Chrome.Google.Com/Webstore/Detail/Rss-Feed-Reader/Pnjaodmkngahhkoihejjehlcdlnohgmp)
  • Feeder FIre Fox Browser Extantion (Https://Addons.Mozilla.Org/En-US/Firefox/Addon/Feeder/)

Are You a MAC user? follwing are the best readers

RSS Readers For IOS (IPhone/IPad)

  • Feed Wrangler – IOS, Web
  • Reeder – MAC, IOS
  • NewsBlur – IOS, Web
  • Inoreader ( Web + IPhone)
  • Newsbar – Ios & MA

Are You A Fan Of LInux User ?

RSS Readers For Linux:

Following Are The List Of Some Of The Best Linux Operating System’s Rss Feed Reader

  • Akregato
  • RSSOwl
  • Liferea
  • FreshRSS

One Of The Best Feed Reader I Have Come Across Is A Feedly Https://Feedly.Com/ Its So Easy To Use And You Can Have This In The Web Form Also

If You Are Technically Not Sound Then This Video May Help You

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